Protecting Talisman Lands Association

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Protect the Escarpment 

in the heart of the Beaver Valley

We are working to:

  • Maintain and contain development at similar footprints and densities on the original Talisman resort site

  • Preserve lands around the Beaver River, including the former golf course, as a natural area, accessible by the public

  • Protect lands on Sideroad 7A west of escarpment (“Upper Talisman lands”) as rural agricultural land and green space

  • Maintain Sideroad 7A as a seasonal light traffic road

  • Provide an optimal route for the Bruce Trail and better linkages between the Bruce Trail, the Kimberley Forest, and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority trails

  • Develop an anchor property for the Escarpment Corridor Alliance
  • Limit the burden on the taxpayers by reducing and eliminating infrastructure costs caused by development

This sale will not bring back Talisman, the resort we knew and loved. The ski hill and the original lodge building properties continue to be owned by another company. This is about developing the green space all around it. We all would like to see Talisman open its doors again but not surrounded by development and not at the cost of the environment. 

Instead of sweetheart deals and dubious economic growth schemes, we need good jobs and development that respects farmers, the escarpment, and the environment.  

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The Beaver Valley is an incredibly beautiful area of Ontario. Created millennia ago through the erosion of escarpment rock, it is flanked by majestic cliffs, and gifted with rich agricultural land, abundant flora and fauna, as well as unique yet fragile ecosystems. The 273 acre Talisman site near the village of Kimberley boasts all of these assets: Along its top runs the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve and the Bruce Trail, Canada’s longest marked footpath. Streams flow down the valley into the Beaver River, teeming with life, which then runs into Georgian Bay.

A Special Place to be Preserved

We think this special and unique valley needs to be protected. Unfortunately, the Municipality of Grey Highlands Council is going in the opposite direction, pushing forward with the development of these pristine, publicly-owned lands. Despite vigorous community opposition and significant concerns about the sale process, it has sold 75 acres of lush Beaver River waterfront with spectacular views of Old Baldy for $1 million and 59 acres of prime farmland at the top of the hill for only $1.5 million. This was without open, competitive bidding and below assessed market value.

Photo by Ingrid Remkins

The Talisman site



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