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Help build a community-led vision for the Talisman lands

Professional architects and landscape architects will be leading a session to shape our input into

a vision for the future - Dec 10, Flesherton Kinplex, 1 - 4 pm, RSVPs welcome but not required

Go Fish - Your donations made an important fish study a reality 


Once It's Gone,
It's Gone

The Beaver Valley and the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO-designated biosphere, must be protected. 

We believe in revitalizing the former Talisman Resort buildings and preserving the top and bottom lands as green and natural. This respects the environment, the heritage of Grey Highlands, and is fiscally sustainable for future generations.

"The residents have been willing stewards of our land, but a developer can come in and drop in a dense subdivision for maximum profit at the cost of the environment and the community who lives there."

PTLA Donor

Massive Development Proposed and Opposed

The Beaver Valley Development Group (BVDG) has not yet submitted a formal development application for the upper and lower Talisman lands. However, at public meetings held in December 2022, they informally presented an idea for subdivisions at the top and bottom with more than 500 units.
The public's reaction was overwhelmingly negative.

Size of Development
500+ units - only 15% smaller than all of Markdale - this population increases the size of Grey Highlands by more than 10% and increases the number of homes in Amik / Kimberley by more than 300%.
(Source: Statistics Canada)


Growth Should Pay for Growth - But Will It?

Suburban sprawl never pays for itself. The cost of servicing isolated suburbs is not recovered from the related increase in property taxes. The Talisman sites will also have high costs with the need to build and improve bridges and roads as well as water and wastewater treatment plant expansion.

Watch this excellent video and click here to learn more

Good development is good. Bad development is bad

The BVDG plans only address the upper and lower parcels and not the middle portion which includes the former resort buildings. A coordinated plan, incorporating the public's input, for the entire site will ensure development reflects the values of all in Grey Highlands.

Learn More about Good Planning

Environmental Devastation

Putting new subdivisions in the middle of the Niagara Escarpmenta part of the Greenbelt that should be protected, is nothing less than devastating to local ecosystems.

Social Services

Many are concerned about the impact of the proposed development, essentially a new town, on already strained health care and schoolsRead Dr. Erica Ferguson's letter. 


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All donations are to our project with Small Change Fund, and receive a charitable receipt



Write, email, and phone Grey Highlands Councillors frequently to express your concerns.



Organize an event, talk to neighbours, work on a committee, sit on the board

© 2023 by Protecting Talisman Lands Association

© 2023 by Protecting Talisman Lands Association

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