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Who is Protecting Talisman Lands Association?

A volunteer-led, non-profit group fighting for a better future at the Talisman site, one that will benefit all and leave an environmentally responsible legacy for future generations. Formed in 2021, we are a diverse group of business owners, farmers, birders, hikers, skiers, environmentalists, homeowners and renters who share a love of the Beaver Valley. We work closely with Friends of the Beaver Valley, the Escarpment Corridor Alliance and other local groups.

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milkweed  - in gossamer gowns.JPG

Photo by Ingrid Remkins

What does Protecting Talisman Lands Association stand for?

We believe that any changes to the Talisman site should:

  • Enhance low impact recreational opportunities and maintain public access

  • Spare taxpayers from increases in utility or tax rates related to infrastructure required by new development

  • Implement the goals of the Niagara Escarpment Plan to maintain the “Escarpment and land in its vicinity substantially as a continuous natural environment”

  • Incorporate environmental and ecological principles as well as recognize and mitigate the impacts of climate change including increased flood risks

  • Ensure open and transparent processes, and good governance practices that encourage citizen involvement

Specifically we are advocating to:

  • Stop the sale of the municipally owned lands for development

  • Develop only at the original Talisman resort building sites, at similar footprints and densities as exist currently

  • Preserve lands around the Beaver River, including the former golf course, as a natural area, accessible by the public

  • Protect lands on Sideroad 7A west of escarpment (“Upper Talisman lands”) as rural agricultural land and green space

  • Maintain Sideroad 7A as a seasonal light traffic road

  • Conduct updated environmental studies documenting biological diversity and the Beaver River floodplain, recognizing the increased risk due to climate change and the possibility of catastrophic events impacting critical infrastructure

  • Provide an optimal route for the Bruce Trail and better linkages between the Bruce Trail, the Kimberley Forest, and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority trails

What have we done so far?

Our main focus in 2021 was to advocate for the Municipality of Grey Highlands to stop the sale of publicly owned lands at the Talisman site. To this end, we:

  • Filed an application to the Ontario Superior Court to stop the conditional sale of Talisman lands on the grounds that the Municipality did not follow its own policy concerning the sale of surplus lands

  • Made deputations to Council on our concerns at several meetings

  • Filed a Freedom of Information application to reveal municipal backroom processes

  • Filed an appeal of the Freedom of Information results, arguing that the Municipality did not fully disclose all information that should be in the public realm

  • Launched a petition that garnered more than 700 signatures

  • Organized a letter writing campaign to the Mayor and Council

  • Participated in the Beaver Valley visioning sessions

  • Raised awareness through numerous media articles

Our work is making an impact

A survey in the South Grey News found that 72% of respondents were opposed to the sale of the public lands at Talisman and 75% thought that Grey Highlands was not acting in the best interest of its residents. But we have more to do to ensure the community’s vision becomes reality. 

In 2022 we will work to:

  • Raise awareness of the community’s vision for Talisman in upcoming elections

  • Educate and advocate for a better future at Talisman

  • Challenge Grey Highlands decisions through legal and administrative means

  • Enhance planning, biodiversity and flood plain regulations that recognize the vision of the Niagara Escarpment Plan and mitigate climate risk

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Photo by Ingrid Remkins




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