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About Us

Who is Protecting Talisman Lands Association?

A volunteer-led, non-profit group fighting for a better future at the Talisman site, one that will benefit all and leave an environmentally responsible legacy for future generations. Formed in 2021, we are a diverse group of business owners, farmers, birders, hikers, skiers, environmentalists, homeowners and renters who share a love of the Beaver Valley. We work closely with Friends of the Beaver Valley, the Escarpment Corridor Alliance and other local groups.

milkweed  - in gossamer gowns.JPG
milkweed  - in gossamer gowns.JPG

Photo by Ingrid Remkins

What is Protecting Talisman Lands Association goal?

To promote the natural environment of the Niagara Escarpment, particularly in and around the Talisman site. This will protect significant environmentally sensitive lands within a UNESCO-designated biosphere, preserve agricultural lands, protect the Beaver River watershed, allow for low-impact recreational opportunities for the public, and support local businesses.

Land which is currently undeveloped should remain undeveloped. This includes:
• Around the Beaver River, including the riverbanks and all of the former Talisman golf course. Preserve these lands as publicly accessible, natural green space and as a flood protection zone
• The top of the Escarpment,  north of Sideroad 7A. Preserve these lands for rural agricultural use and to protect the quality and supply of water which would be adversely affected by development on sensitive karst geology
• The former ski hill and the brow of the Escarpment. Maintain public access to outstanding views of the Beaver Valley and Georgian Bay

Our work is making an impact

A survey in the South Grey News found that 72% of respondents were opposed to the sale of the public lands at Talisman and 75% thought that Grey Highlands was not acting in the best interest of its residents. But even though Council approved the sale and a massive and unprecedented development is proposed we are working very hard to ensure the community’s vision becomes reality. 


We are working to:

  • Stop and mitigate the massive proposed development 

  • Advocate for a coordinated, municipality-led plan that has a vision beyond building subdivisions

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Photo by Ingrid Remkins




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