Protecting Talisman Lands Association

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 October 24
Vote for Sensible Development!

October 24 is your chance to elect politicians who will work to keep the Beaver Valley green.
Your vote matters
Only 36% of eligible voters voted in the last Grey Highlands municipal election so your vote matters! Encourage your friends and family to vote too.  Let’s elect representatives who will fight for transparency, meaningful citizen engagement and a green future at Talisman and in the Beaver Valley.

Part-Time or Full-time you can vote
You can vote in the Grey Highlands (GH) municipal election even if you only live here part-time. Canadians who are 18 or over can vote in Grey Highlands if:

You are a resident  - you live in GH  OR
You own or rent property in GH, even a vacation home OR
You are the spouse of someone who owns or rents property in GH OR
You are a resident of GH who is away to attend school

PLUS you can also vote in your home municipality’s election

Get on the voters' list:  
Email to find out if you are on the list. You can add your name to the list by going to the Municipal office (206 Toronto St S, Markdale) or at the polls, either at the advance polls or on election day by presenting an acceptable ID. For more details:
Many easy ways to vote
In-person and internet voting – for the first time!
Internet voting is available from October 7-October 24. Watch your mail in early October for information and your PIN number